My Summer Vacation by Father Lance Harlow

     A common writing exercise for returning students is to ask them how they spent their summer vacation. But what if you are a priest and teacher at Good Shepherd Catholic School?

        How did I spend my summer vacation? Well, managing three churches is the first thing I did, but also dreaming about the upcoming school year. I will have a new classroom, new textbooks and new students in the 5/6 Grade Religion class. I spent time reviewing the new material, starting lesson plans, reviewing YouTube instructional videos, teaching a graduate student seminarian, finding library books for book reports, writing some early tests and some substitute plans--not to mention lugging desks from the first floor to the second floor classroom.

         People who say that teachers have “summers off” are usually people who have never taught before! Believe me when I say that teaching and learning are year-round jobs, even when you’ve been doing it for many years. I am so excited to see returning students and brand new students. I’m excited to work again with the principal, office staff and other teachers. I’m excited for another academic year at Good Shepherd where lives are changed on a daily basis, faith in God grows steadily and so many friendships are formed!

Written By: Father Lance W. Harlow

Date Published: August 4, 2023

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