Vive le Vent! Vive le Vent!

     We started a French club at Good Shepherd this year.  We meet every Tuesday during lunch in the library.  It’s a mixed age group of students who want to learn French.  The nature of the experience is more “club” like than academic, in the sense that we are learning phrases in French and some cultural aspects rather than grammar, due to our time limitations and, not to mention, the lack of a French teacher!  I am hoping that this experience will encourage the students to study the language in high school.

     We have been practicing “Vive le Vent” which is the French Canadian version of Jingle Bells and we will go caroling to the other classrooms the last day of school before Christmas vacation.  We have choreographed some movements to go with it.  These kids are very creative!

     What a joy to be able to teach at a Catholic school where we can learn about Christmas and sing Christmas carols, to decorate our classrooms with Christmas decorations, to put on a pageant and a Christmas concert. What other schools in the St. Johnsbury area are doing this?

     Culture is part of education and at Good Shepherd Catholic School our students are well rounded academically and culturally.

Written By: Fr. Lance W. Harlow

Date Published: December 7, 2023

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