St Anne's Shrine by Father Lance Harlow

     I spent three days at St. Anne's Shrine in Isle la Motte, VT this week.  Isle la Motte is part of the "island chain" that runs through Lake Champlain.  I prayed every day before a statue of St. Anne for my students and for myself.  I prayed that they will return to school eager and ready to learn now that summer is winding down.  I prayed also for myself that I will be super organized this year!  :)

     The beauty of a Catholic school experience is the degree of commitment and relationship between faculty and students and their families. We don't just teach. We ask the Lord to bless each and every one of the children entrusted to our care. That's what makes Good Shepherd Catholic School distinctive. God bless you!

Written By: Father Lance W. Harlow

Date Published: August 11 , 2023

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