Soccer season has begun and I have had a great time watching the middle school students play in the late afternoons. The weather has been warm and sunny and the air has that sweet smell of fall. I normally sit with some parents I know or with some of the teachers. It is a great time for people to see the priest supporting the Catholic school. I have been very surprised and humbled by the reaction of the students. They shout out, “Hi, Father!” when they see me coming to the field with my lawn chair in tow.

     The beauty of Good Shepherd Catholic School is that we are like a big family--both in school and on the field. It’s important to take an interest in that in which children are interested. They may not care as much about good grammar as I do, but when I show them that I am interested in their soccer games or basketball games or musicals, it shows them that I care about them as individuals and not just “students” achieving good grades for their teacher. The parents are also a lot of fun. They teach me all the rules I don’t know about soccer, so I am learning a lot, too!

Written By: Fr. Lance W. Harlow

Date Published: September 29, 2023

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