This year I did something I had not done in years--in decades, even. I ran. I ran not because I am out-of-shape ( I am). I ran not because I want to get in shape (I do, but I’m lazy). I ran because I want to support my school. At Good Shepherd Catholic School our faculty wear many hats and they are involved in a variety of duties that go above and beyond teaching classes all day. One of those events is the fall fundraiser: the Kingdom Challenge. I wanted to support that generous faculty. I also wanted to run in my priest uniform to show the townsfolk that I support my school.

     It was an exhilarating experience. The kids were so encouraging as was the staff. But most importantly, my out-of shape racing experience shows the kids that although there may be things that are difficult to do, they are worth doing even though one may not be the best at it. At Good Shepherd we encourage our students to persevere and not to quit. That’s all that God asks us to do.

Written By: Fr. Lance W. Harlow

Date Published: October 17, 2023

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