Rite of Passage

     This is more than just a doorway.  This is a rite of passage.  Middle school boys find it irresistible to go through a doorway without jumping up and smacking it. It's an exhibition of competitive athletic prowess. The other day during lunch some of the 8th grade boys were doing just that as they entered the lunch room.  The younger boys tried to imitate them but, of course, they couldn't reach it.

     One of the tallest 8th graders decided he could lift up the smaller guys so that they could reach it, also.  It did require some physics: velocity, momentum and lift.  Unfortunately, this became too popular and it had to come to an end so they could finish their lunch.

     What struck me the most, as it does every day, is the family-like affection exhibited at the school among the kids.  The older boys could have ignored the smaller ones as being "annoying", but instead, engaged with them and welcomed them.  That is the beauty of our Catholic school. Smacking the door frame is a harmless "rite of passage," but on a deeper level, the older boys are telling the younger boys: "We accept you."

Written By: Fr. Lance W. Harlow

Date Published: March 21, 2024

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