We took this cute picture at the first school Mass on September 5, 2023. We took photos of the tallest/smallest boys and the tallest/smallest girls. I only have this photo to share so check out our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts to view all of our great pictures.

     These boys are posing by the tallest plant in my garden at the Rectory. The photo captures the heart of the mission of what we do at Good Shepherd Catholic School; and that is, “We grow great kids!”

     The beginning of the school year finds the youngest arrivals filled with nervousness growing up alongside some of our older students whose confidence has bloomed over the years. The younger boys and girls will also bloom with time and reach new heights.

     In a single summer, this plant grew to be taller than I am. Someday, I pray that these students will also exceed me in so many respects: academically, personally and faithfully. I think that the hope of every generation is that children will be successful. We want to be “overgrown” at Good Shepherd. We want our kids to learn the very best from our talented teachers, and then we want them to reach far beyond what we offered that they may reach extraordinary heights of intellectual, social and personal growth while simultaneously remaining vibrant in the practice of their Catholic Faith.

Written By: Father Lance W. Harlow

Date Published: September 15, 2023

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