Math Specialist

Jo Anna Hall

I have been so fortunate to have spent more than 50 years of my life encouraging children to learn mathematics.  Each day, I believe they grew  to feel successful and therefore continued to  choose to do their best daily.  They did not have to be perfect each day, but they all tried to do their best everyday.  I tried to do the same.

I am currently fortunate to be allowed to tutor individuals or small groups of students in mathematics daily.  After moving from Blue Mountain, to the St. Johnsbury Middle School, and then to the Academy, I came to Good Shepherd in 2014. I enjoyed working with all the people involved with these schools, and in particular, with all the students.  Together, we had a purpose and we succeeded and we were proud.  If we meet in the future, I will be interested in the choices they have made in their lives.

My husband John and I live on Joe’s Pond  and our daughter Johnna Kendall lives in St. Johnsbury with her husband Chris and their two sons Declan and Kellan.  Declan is a sophomore at the Academy and Kellan is an 8th grader here at Good Shepherd. We all love baseball!  I enjoy walking with friends and spending time with family at Joe’s Pond and on our annual vacations particularly in Maine.

Thank you, Good Shepherd families, for all you do to support your children!  You are appreciated.  I have enjoyed the time I have spent with everyone!  I know I have been blessed.

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