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About us

Good Shepherd Catholic School serves children in preschool (age 3) through 8th grade, and adheres to belief in Jesus Christ as the foundation of the entire educational enterprise in a Catholic school.  We recognize our own role as part of the teaching mission of the Catholic Church.  The school regards parents as the primary educators of their children and affords parents and teachers the opportunity to cooperate with one another in the formation of Christ's children.

Good Shepherd Catholic School recognizes the importance of the development of the whole child. We are committed to providing for the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth of each student in a creative and safe environment. We believe in academic excellence built on a sound framework of moral values; therefore, we will use a traditional, value-centered approach to education.

Our instructional goal is to teach the art of learning and inquiry, with measurable results. Therefore, we follow a standards-based curriculum. With a contemporary understanding of child development and modern innovation, various educational methods will be employed to insure individual mastery.

Good Shepherd Catholic School promotes quality work through respect for learning, discipline, honesty, and punctuality. We foster academic mastery, esteem through achievement, character development through a well-established moral compass, spiritual growth, and work ethic. It is our expectation that each student of Good Shepherd Catholic School will grow to his or her potential.

In March of 2008, Good Shepherd received accreditation from the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEAS&C) after undergoing an intense self-study and evaluation of every aspect of the school, including curriculum, technology, administration, finances and programs of study.

121 Maple Street  ·  St. Johnsbury, VT 05819-2269  ·  Tel: 802.751.8223  ·  Fax: 802.751.8111
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